Pizza in Trevi is just few steps away from the world famous Trevi fountain.

Every day, our passion and love for good food incite us to create simple but unique dishes, in a cozy and relaxed environment.

We Serve
traditional food
close to fontana di trevi

For us a good dish ,pasta, pizza or whateverelse must give you emotions of course but as well must feed you in a healthy way. This is what we call ” genuine quality”.

To reach this goal, we select the best ingredients, and cook them in a healthy way.

you choose

We put our maximum care in selecting the best ingredients. Only the products that are in line with our high standards of quality will reach our table!


Organic stone-ground flour type 1 and 2 ,sour dough, extra virgin live oil ,whole salt from sicily. These simple ingredients make the magic of our pizzas!


We are part of AIC (Italian Association for Celiac) since 2017. Our pizza is prepared in a separate laboratory to avoid every kind of contamination.

by SLice

In our restaurant you will also find the traditional Roman pizza by slice. A fast meal that you can enjoy inside or walking the streets of our beautiful Rome.

We Use Selected
to offer you the best

Every product we treat is selected with care and attention and is purchased directly by the manufacturer without intermediaries, this direct relationship ensures that freshness and customer needs are always guaranteed. We are respectful of nature and relationships between people and for this reason we always prefer buy local.

our menù will
delight you!

Our menu has been created to represent our values. For each course we will add the relative allergenic symbol. The light blue section is dedicated to the gluten fee courses

Where we Are
Via di San Vincenzo, 30/30a - ROME
Opening 10am - 12pm
Phone: +39.06.678.59.86

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